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Highways England have been consulting on proposals to build additional road capacity on the M621 south of Leeds. The consultation closes tomorrow. I have included my response below.

I note that the proposals increase road space for vehicles in a bid to tackle congestion. This is unlikely to do anything apart from move the traffic jam somewhere else. However, in order to deliver certain improvements to the Leeds transport network and the expected changes to the city centre, this work is needed.

I note the improvements in option C. I am very much concerned about the potential safety implications and congestion at junction 2A and 3. The removal of the auxiliary lane will impact the flow of traffic on to junction 2A, which includes a number of frequent bus services. I would oppose this move unless work to widen and convert the Hard Shoulder at this point to a bus lane is added to the plans.

I am also concerned about the free flow lanes at junction 2. These could impact the flow of pedestrians across junction 2 and I would ask that pedestrian crossings are provided with passive provision for red light cameras if they are required. A single stage crossing across the westbound off slip (without a pedestrian refuge) would help with demonstrating that there is a pedestrian route to Elland Road and the ability for the stages to be extended on match days.

Removing any connectivity across the M621 will damage the local community.

Rather than the use of Advisory speed signs, I would like to see the implementation of variable speed limit signs with speed camera enforcement. These may become necessary to manage speeds and potentially other issues such as air pollution levels.

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