Getting between Leeds and Bradford without the train

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The current set of strikes are encouraging people to investigate different options for travelling between places as rail services are reduced to a fraction of what they usually are. Journey planners are challenging, focused on  making a single journey and usually routing you back to the railway station on to a train service that doesn’t exist. Journey planners don’t give you frequency, prices or nudges.

This article is focused on the Leeds-Bradford corridor via New Pudsey and Bramley.

As well as the train service, a number of bus services operate along this corridor

Leeds – Bradford

The fastest bus between Leeds and Bradford is the X6 bus. It runs every 10 minutes with double deckers during the day. Although the buses are mostly blue and gold, they are operated by First Bus. Return fares (in the app) are £4.80 or £20 weekly. Other options are available using Metro tickets. The pink MCard can be loaded with a CountyWide bus ticket from £5 per day or £23 per week.

Bus Service Map

Webpage (timetable at the bottom)

The bus stops in Leeds city centre for buses heading towards Bradford are

  • Leeds City Bus Station
  • Headrow H8
  • Headrow Y10

If you are at Leeds railway station, walk up Park Row to the Headrow and turn left. Stop Y10 is just to your left.

In Bradford, there are two stops to consider. The bus terminates at Bradford Interchange bus station and it also stops at H9 on Hall Ings opposite Broadway shopping centre and near the courts.

Other options

Usually if a bus doesn’t turn up, it is worth waiting for the next one. However, in parallel with this bus route is the slower 72. Also, you may want to look at the X11 bus service that runs via Pudsey as well.

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