Further developments in the Bike Share discussion

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With Leeds set to introduce bike share in the coming months, I will be sharing stories that highlight some of the positives and negatives of the various schemes in operation.

Ofo scheme in Sheffield is an early success

Ofo introduced a scheme in Sheffield recently. Although the local press has contained a number of stories highlighting vandalism and theft, the Sheffield Star published an interesting discussion with the operations manager for the Sheffield scheme highlighting usage of the scheme and future plans. In a city well known for its steep hills, the bike share scheme has taken off, with take up even faster than Cambridge, which is better known for its flatter landscape.  Several hundred bikes are set to join the 1,000 bikes already in the city and the hardiness of northerners has shown with the drop off in usage due to poor weather being a lot less than encountered in other UK schemes.

China saves billions through bike share

Many will have been made aware of the photos showing piles of bikes from these schemes in China. The story that wasn’t shared was the billions saved from decreasing congestion. The savings from healthcare are estimated to be ten times that amount. The piles of bikes should not be an issue in the UK schemes with schemes being introduced at a careful rate, with bike share schemes recognising the benefits of working with councils.

Abandoned cars cost councils nearly £1m

In the past two years, councils have spent nearly £1m retrieving and scrapping cars that have been abandoned, with one being removed every 30 minutes. This diverts vital council funding from other services.


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