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West Yorkshire Bus Stop Timetable

I know that at the moment, this isn’t a priority and that most people don’t pay much attention to this information. I am not encouraging anyone to stretch their exercise time or leave their self isolation if that applies to them. The users of the bus service take priority and I ask that you don’t put yourself or other members of the public at any personal risk, whilst undertaking your exercise. This isn’t a race. I personally have a young, large dog and live in an area with lots of bus stops. DON’T TOUCH THE TIMETABLE CASE.

I have been collecting information as part of my daily exercise that I thought might be useful to share with people in the hope that it might be something that other people living in West Yorkshire want to do.

Most of the bus stop timetable information appears to update when they change the bus timetables but the section in the light grey box at the top called “For Buses Traveling towards” appears to be updated manually. In my area, there are a number with errors that appear to date back to bus services that have not run for years. This information also appears to be used on the bus stop flag, so it is quite important. I have started to collect information about the bus stops with errors and propose suggestions to update them.

An example bus stop (with an issue) can be found in the image at the top of this page. The grey box suggests that buses go to Dewsbury and Pudsey. The 205 bus serving this bus stop only travels to Dewsbury. Pudsey as a destination should be removed. It might be useful to add Morley as a destination instead.

The level of change will depend on the changes that your area has seen to bus routes in recent years.

The information needed to update the bus stops is

  • The bus stop number, starting with 450 (easy reference code for WYMetro staff to find)
  • The name of the bus stop (confirms that the bus stop being looked at is correct)
  • The places that should appear in the box “For buses traveling towards”

I also collate the current places and the reason why the change is needed

What I have done is taken photos of any bus stops with errors and then input the information into a spreadsheet

The spreadsheet for filling in the data can be found by clicking here

I will collate any data added to the Google Sheet and share with WYMetro. Alternatively, you can email WYMetro directly using the contact details on their website. WYMetro won’t be updating this information straightaway.

There is no deadline, so you can do it as part of your current exercise routine or when matters return to normal. 

Some important matters to point out

  • There is a limit to the number of destinations that can be included
  • If a bus service goes to the same place from both sides of the road and there is a difference in time to get to the same place, then only put the destination in on the side of the road that takes the shortest time
  • Do not change the information if bus services have been reduced because of the Coronavirus service changes or buses are currently being diverted for several months due to roadworks

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